Pam is unable to accept new "full manuscript" clients until July 2024. She is available for 2-hour evaluations.

  • Manuscript evaluation
  • Content/Line editing
  • Developmental editing
  • Proofreading
  • Large projects: novels, non-fiction, scripts
  • Small projects: blogs, website content, scholarship essays

“I’ve worked with Pam on all my novels. Her professionalism, insights, knack for telling what works in a story, and warm personality put her on my short list of editors to consult with. I wouldn’t work on a novel without her input." 

Steven James, national bestselling author of the

Patrick Bowers Series, Synapse, and Story Trumps Structure 

About Pam

. . . a self-proclaimed editing nerd who loves to discuss the importance of POV and debate the use of the Oxford comma.

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