What clients have to say:​

"Pam Johnson has been my editor for the past two years, and she has taught me the most valuable lessons of my career. An incredibly talented and gifted writer, her kind but brutally honest style makes me the best writer I can be." 
 —Don Brobst, author of The Ghost of Africa (April 2016)

"If you're committed to developing your skill and spending the time it takes to achieve excellence, Pam is your editor. Her brilliant insight and support is exactly what I needed."

Janine Mendenhall, author of Starving Hearts (May 2016)

“Pam is at the top of my list for editors I'd highly recommend. She helped me with all aspects of editing my debut novel from my query letter to my pitch, to holes in my story development. I will definitely use Pam's services again!”

Angela Pisel, author of With Love from the Inside (August 2016)

"Pam Johnson was a delight to work with. She was prompt, thorough and insightful. She was not afraid to question assumptions, had a sharp eye for even the tiniest errors both mechanically and conceptually. She was generous and direct, and she really cared about my work." 
—Mary Nees, author of Markers: Key Themes for Soul Survival (July 2017)

"Pam is thorough, insightful, honest with her comments, true to the process, detailed, relentless, dedicated to the pursuit of writing excellence, and stubborn to make your story shine brighter than you ever could have achieved on your own." 

—David Mansch, Sacramento, CA (work in progress)

Steven James and Pam with the article they co-wrote for Writers Digest, 2018

Pam the

Pam's Story

     Once upon a time, a friend—thriller author Steven James—handed Pam a draft of a manuscript and asked for feedback. She was hooked. That was the first of many books she edited for Steven, including most all of his novels.
     In 2010, she started her freelance editing business: pamtheeditor.com. Her clients say she is thorough, insightful, and brutally honest.
     When not editing, she is hanging out with her family, traveling around the world, or directing a show at her local community theatre in eastern Tennessee.