Editing Services

Pam the


2-Hour Fiction Manuscript Critique ($80.00)
Are you looking for an honest, sincere opinion on whether or not your novel is ready to send to an agent or publisher? I will read approximately 30 pages of your manuscript, critique it, and evaluate if it's ready for submission. And if it’s not quite ready, I’ll tell you why and what course of action I recommend.

Content/Line Editing ($40.00 per hour)
This includes pinpointing issues with pacing, dialogue, scene structure, point-of-view, and characterization, as well as pointing out plot holes and other novel killers. Grammar, punctuation, spelling, and other basic writing elements will also be addressed.

Developmental Editing ($40.00 per hour)

Plan on a long-term relationship. We will work together on building your story from an idea to a full-length manuscript.

Proofreading ($40.00 per hour)
This really should be your last step of the editing process. I will check your manuscript for spelling, grammar, punctuation, and word usage errors.

Small Projects ($40.00 per hour)

If you have something like a blog to be proofread or website content that needs edited, I'll be glad to look it over. Sometimes, just having a second pair of eyes is very helpful.